We are proud to present YantraVision’ s newest range of products, the Falcon Series. The Falcon product portfolio consists of FPGA Integrated Machine Vision products that are used for high speed hard real-time applications with cycle time in microseconds.

The FPGA integrated camera module, part of the Falcon series, is a completely integrated module that can handle image sensing, processing and response to actuators. This module replaces the need to use multiple components like Industrial PC, expensive Machine Vision Libraries and PLC. For high speed real-time applications, use of multiple components makes it impossible to meet cycle time requirement and makes it expensive to put together.

This camera module runs on Xilinx Zynq SoC at its heart and is designed for Area scan applications.

Key Features

    • High Speeds > 100 FPS
    • FPGA Enabled
    • Standard Vision Algorithm Blocks
    • Operates on Linux OS
    • Ethernet Communication
    • External I/O Trigger

Our Falcon Products can be used for high speed applications in Agri processing, Textile, Print and Pharmaceutical industries.