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Mikrotron EoSens® Creation – Programmable, High-Speed, Open Platform Camera

In standard high speed Machine Vision systems, the system cost is very high because it requires components like –

  • High performance PC
  • Framegrabber
  • Special cables

The Mikrotron EoSens® Creation overcomes these challenges by offering an open FPGA platform that can be used for pre-processing images based on Region of Interest (ROI). The advantages are –

  • Reduced bandwidth / Standard interfaces – 10GigE
  • Component reduction – Framegrabber, special cables
  • Low/Medium performance PC
  • System cost reduction

YantraVision provides FPGA IPs that can be ported into the EoSens®️ Camera for pre-processing. Custom FPGA IPs or complete pipeline can also be designed and developed for specific applications. We also design and implement the complete system using Mikrotron EoSens®️ camera along with other Machine vision components, image processing algorithms and application software.

Key Features
Mikrotron EoSens® Offering
Open FPGA Capability

  • High performance XILINX FPGA
  • DDR4 Memory for Custom IP
  • IP Protection on request
  • Programmable using XILINX Tool Chain – Vivado
YantraVision Offering
Pre-Processing Algorithms

  • Sensor Noise Reduction
  • White Balancing
  • Color Space Conversion
  • Image Segmentation
  • Tracing Contours
  • Pattern Matching
  • Custom IP Development


1. Industrial Automation

  • Metal Processing
  • Wood Processing
  • Robotics Controls

2. Defence & Aerospace
3. Medical & Life Sciences


Mikrotron EoSens® – CREATION

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