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FPGA Integrated Camera Module

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FPGA Integrated Camera Module from Falcon Series for high speed, hard real – time applications

This FPGA integrated camera module, part of the Falcon series, is a completely integrated module that can handle image sensing, processing and response to actuators.

This module replaces the need to use multiple components like Industrial PC, expensive Machine Vision Libraries and PLC.

Key Features

High Speeds: 100 FPS

FPGA Enabled Xilinx Zynq SoC

Std. Vision Algorithm IP Blocks

Operates on Linux OS

Ethernet Communication

External I/O Trigger

Industrial Applications
  • Agri Processing Application: Sorting
  • Textile Application: Fabric Inspection
  • Pharma Application: Tablet Inspection
  • Print Application: Print Quality Inspection


FPGA Integrated Camera Module

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