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FPGA Integrated Framegrabber+ from Falcon Series for high speed, hard real-time applications

This Xilinx Zynq SoC powered Framegrabber+ is used for hard real-time Area and Line scan applications that require high speed capture, high resolution and low latencies.

In addition to high speed image capture using our proprietary CameraLink IP, this compute box also has the capability to process images using our proprietary FPGA overlays. Similar to our Falcon Camera module, this compute box is best suited to meet complete system requirements avoiding the need for multiple components like PLC.

Key Features

100+ FPS, 4K/30 KHz Line Rate

Camera Link Interface

Operates on Base/Medium/Full

FPGA Overlays Image Processing

Ethernet Communication

External I/O Trigger

Industrial Applications
  • Agri Processing Application: Sorting
  • Textile Application: Fabric Inspection
  • Pharma Application: Tablet Inspection
  • Print Application: Print Quality Inspection


FPGA Integrated Compute Module

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