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Chromasens – The Line Scan Experts for High resolution, High speed applications

Many machine vision applications require cameras that can acquire high resolution images at very high speeds. Industrial applications such as print inspection and surface inspection, require machine vision systems that can inspect defect sizes < 100 µ in cycle times < 10 ms.

Chromasens cameras are available with both CCD / CMOS sensors as Quad – linear and Tri-linear formats. The cameras are available in ultra high resolutions up to 15360 pixels x 3 lines at speeds of 47.72 KHz. These cameras offer excellent color fidelity and signal to noise ratio that is required for high accuracy inspection like Print Inspection.

    YantraVision design and implement the complete Machine Vision system using Chromasens cameras for applications like high speed print inspection and other web applications. We develop FPGA IPs and GPU accelerated algorithms that can manage hard real-time applications with cycle times < 10 ms.

    Key Features

    Color Fidelity

    • Automatic color space conversion
    • Continuous white balancing and color correction matrix

    Enabling Image Processing

    • Sub-pixel accuracy to compensate for registration error
    • Internal correction for multi angle cameras

    Synchronized Capture

    • Precise multiple camera synchronization
    • Frame and line trigger options, including variable trigger input

    Managing Bandwidth

    • Multiple options to select ROI to reduce total volume of data
    • Adjustable CameraLink clock


    1. Print inspection
    2. Surface inspection
    3. Sorting applications
    4. Web inspection
    5. Wafer inspection
    6. PCB inspection
    7. Document scanning


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