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Design, Prototype, Develop, Deploy.

We help our clients to transform their imagination to reality using the latest developments in technology. Our work spans across various applications for different industries. Below are some of the projects that we have executed.

Embedded Vision on FPGA

FPGA processors are well suited for implementing high speed Embedded Vision solutions in the area of Industrial Automation. We partner with OEMs to design, develop and implement such high-speed embedded vision solutions on FPGA processors. FPGA processors can handle such high speeds because the processor takes advantage of hardware parallelism while retaining the flexibility to reprogram like software. We have implemented these solutions on XILINX Zynq processors and synthesized algorithms written in higher level languages using XILINX Vivado HLS toolchain.

CameraLink IP in FrameGrabber+

CameraLink is the best suited interface standard for real time, low latency, high bandwidth applications.
CameraLink enables transmission of high-resolution image data at high speeds for both line scan and area scan cameras. The interface has a standardized protocol that includes provisions for data transfer, camera timing, serial communications and real time signalling to the camera. We have used our Framegrabber+ and CameraLink IP in customer projects to improve sorting effectiveness.