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Design, Prototype, Develop, Deploy.

We help our clients to transform their imagination to reality using the latest developments in technology. Our work spans across various applications for different industries. Below are some of the projects that we have executed.

Embedded Vision on FPGA

FPGA processors are well suited for implementing high speed Embedded Vision solutions in the area of Industrial Automation. We partner with OEMs to design, develop and implement such high-speed embedded vision solutions on FPGA processors. FPGA processors can handle such high speeds because the processor takes advantage of hardware parallelism while retaining the flexibility to reprogram like software. We have implemented these solutions on XILINX Zynq processors and synthesized algorithms written in higher level languages using XILINX Vivado HLS toolchain.

FPGA IP – H.264 / H.265 Codec Evaluation

H.264 or MPEG–4 AVC is the most commonly used CODEC formats for recording, compression and distribution of video content. We have implemented H. 264 on Zynq 7EV series XILINX FPGA for multiple customer use cases. We have experience in using FFMPEG / GStreamer frameworks for CODEC integration. In some transcoding applications, we have achieved glass to glass latency reduction to 40 ms. We also have experience in performing quality evaluation and performance analysis.

FPGA IP – Wavelets Library

One of the challenges in analysing non – periodic natural signals is the inability of traditional techniques to resolve them into individual components. This becomes a hindrance in analysing and extracting information from these signals for further downstream processing. We have built wavelet libraries for FPGA that can be used to perform Joint Time Frequency analysis in real time on these non-periodic 1D and 2D signals. Applications of these libraries is for natural language processing and image processing.

Low intensity signal processing

Low intensity signals offer a treasure of information that can be used to derive insights in many applications. Our YV – Signal Processing algorithms have the ability to sense low intensity signals from videos and amplify them to map the waveform. We currently use this module to measure Heart Rate / Breathing pattern in wellness applications. This module can also be used in many other applications like manufacturing for vibration analysis.

Power Corridor Mapping for Optical Lens

One of the main challenges in the manufacturing of an optical lens is to provide the correct power correction for different uses like reading, driving etc. The optical lens does not have same the power at every point on a lens and this power corridor is information required by sales reps in optical stores for providing a superior customer experience. We augmented the capabilities of a device that one of our clients built to use image processing techniques to map the power corridor.

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