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High speed, High bandwidth Image Acquisition

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CameraLink Starter Kit with sample applications and open FPGA project for quick start and custom design evaluation.

CameraLink interface standard is highly recommended for high bandwidth applications especially in Aerospace & Industrial machine vision applications.

We have bundled our CameraLink IP with a starter kit to make it easy for Machine vision solution providers to get started quickly. This starter kit is open FPGA design and allows designers to add their custom design to check performance and utilization.

Key Features

Open Vivado Project

V4L2 Enabled

Operates on Base/Medium/Full

Python App. Image Capture

Python App. Camera Setting


  • Encrypted IP package for IPI use
  • Example design
  • Simulation TB

Validated On

  • YV Framegrabber – Xilinx 7 Series
  • Xilinx zcu106 Zynq Ultrascale+
  • Dalsa Linescan Camera


CameraLink Starter Kit

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